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About us

    Shanghai Mohai Industrial Packaging Material Co., Ltd. adheres to the principle of "providing professional, standardized and efficient products". The company strives for survival by quality and development by reputation. It is committed to building the enterprise vision of "being the first in China's industry" and providing customers with all-round services. And we will wholeheartedly provide a variety of packaging plans and on-site packaging services for your products.
    Provide integrated packaging solutions, import and export packaging boxes, heavy equipment packaging boxes, export wooden boxes, sealed packaging, transport one-stop service, the company has many years of production experience, in the woodwork processing industry, we rely on high-quality selection of materials, won the recognition of the majority of users. It can provide the inspection result sheet of packaging performance of entry-exit goods, fumigation Service and relevant fumigation certificate.
   Scope of Business: The business items are industrial production line packaging, industrial product packaging, large-scale equipment packaging, machine tool packaging, lifting installation. Products are widely used in logistics, warehousing, port terminals, machinery and electronics, precision instruments and other industries, transportation and external packaging of products, the product appearance is clean, smooth and beautiful, durable, with a large load, moth-free, fumigation-free disinfection and other characteristics, fully in line with the environmental protection requirements of wood packaging at home and abroad. Quality assurance and prompt delivery.
   Since its establishment, the company has cooperated with many Chinese, foreign and joint ventures to meet the needs of customers and provide safe, high-quality, efficient and professional services, which are highly praised by customers.


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