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What should we pay attention to in daily use of wooden pallets?

Wood tray, raw material for natural wood. It is the most used tray in recent years. However, if improper use often causes damage to wooden pallets, then how to use wooden pallets is the most reasonable. Here we introduce the use of wooden pallets must pay attention to:

1. In the turnaround of the cooperative forklift truck, the additional load of the pallet should be paid attention to. Generally speaking, the additional dynamic load of wooden pallets should not exceed two tons. When pallets are used in palletizing, operators sometimes want to improve their work efficiency by picking up the pallets directly from the bottom, which will double the dynamic load. Facts show that the direct reason for reducing the number of trays used is overloading.
2. The wooden pallets should be placed as lightly as possible to avoid damage caused by uneven landing force. However, in the process of practice, it is impossible to put it into practice lightly. Therefore, wood pallets are required to have strong impact resistance. Therefore, it is very important to enhance the durability of wood pallet material.
3. Wood pallets should not be exposed to sunlight to avoid aging and damage, resulting in shorter service life. Due to the innovative development of wood pallet materials, the emergence of new copolymer polypropylene wood pallets can be slowly used in various outdoor environments. Even if it is used outdoors for a long time, it will not be easily aged and deformed.
4. When using wooden pallets on cooperative shelves, extra attention should be paid to the additional shelf load of pallets. Never overload the pallets. Especially in the use of cooperative through-type three-dimensional shelves, the requirements of a higher pallet span. If necessary, the steel pipe is added to the bottom of the pallet to add the shelf load of the pallet.
In accordance with the above scheme, the maintenance of wooden pallets in use can give full play to the effect of wooden pallets. Goods will not be damaged with its long turnover, prolong its service life, and reduce the corresponding cost in the process of using it.


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