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Antimildew Techniques and Skills of Wood Pallets

In the long-term use of wooden pallets will encounter a problem, that is, mildew, it is not like other goods as long as used there is no mildew phenomenon, but wooden pallets are not so. So why do wooden pallets mildew? Wooden pallets are mainly used in logistics and freight transportation for a long time. They are in contact with various goods and are exposed to wind, frost and sunshine. They are prone to chemical reactions. Understanding the causes of its occurrence, then what anti-mildew methods do we have?

1. Heat treatment. Heat treatment generally kills insects or larvae in wood. Therefore, it can kill mould in theory, but the principle of heat treatment is to extract water from wood into the appearance of wood, which will create environment for the growth of mould, so it is better for manufacturers to add a boring process at the end of heat treatment, which undoubtedly increases the cost of Shandong wooden pallets, so it also forms the indecision of many manufacturers.
2. Dry air or kiln. Kiln drying is expensive and simple, causing cracks in wood. Air dryness costs a little less, but takes a long time.

The above edition explains two common anti-mildew methods, but there are also some tips about wood tray anti-mildew, Xiaobian also told you one by one, hoping to help you.
1. As far as manufacturers are concerned, they need to know the usefulness and application environment of customers'purchasing pallets, so that they can recommend common wooden pallets, air-drying pallets or kiln-drying pallets according to different customer needs. For users of wooden pallets, it is very important to know how to use and protect wooden pallets scientifically and reasonably to avoid mildew. We should insist on the dryness and cleanliness of wooden pallets. If we can, we should try to avoid unnecessary long-term placement of wooden pallets. If the tray needs to be cleaned for cleaning reasons, it is necessary to dry it adequately before it can be put into use again.
2. Think about chemicals. Nowadays, there are some good chemicals on the market which can be used to avoid mildew attack. But the right to choose the end is still in the hands of users. The chemical disposal can bring other problems, especially for food, medicine and other professions, we should be more cautious and cautious.
3. Think instead of products. If the storage is not good, any type of wooden pallets can be mildewed, but the environmental protection non-fumigation pallets, plastic pallets and metal pallets are more green hardwood pallets, mildewed ability is much smaller. Of course, its cost can be more valuable than wooden pallets.


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